The Conversation is a gathering that continues to curate space for cutting-edge, innovative, even risky conversations about children, young people and the church. We are still asking the question: How can we change the dominant church culture from ‘conquering and keeping’ to ‘nurturing and releasing’ the children and young people in our communities?

The Conversation brings people together who are open to change; to reimagine God’s good news for this generation and all generations together, who want children and young people to come into a life-enhancing, transforming and life-long encounter with Christ.

The Conversation won’t provide answers or ‘the next new thing to do’ – together our conversation will take us deeper that we might be:
More open
More inclusive
More able to hear
More reliant on God’s grace
More like the body of Christ (without any missing limbs)


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The Conversation might be just for you if you are… :
  • A Youth & Children’s Ministry volunteer or minister
  • Involved in the strategic development of ministry with children and young people in your church context
  • in ministry generally and interested in finding out more about faith formation with and alongside children & young people in community
  • part of an organisation, charity or agency interested in the faith of younger generations


  • 10 good ideas
  • Answers
  • To just sit passively
  • To have your preconceptions confirmed
  • To have everyone agreeing with you
  • To get a programme or resource to solve all your problems
  • To be challenged
  • To get fresh perspectives
  • To be surprised
  • To join in
  • To disagree well
  • To talk about being the kind of church where children and young people are seen as fellow pilgrims 
  • To hear the unexpected

The Conversation is organised by ‘The C Team’: an ecumenical group who wanted to explore ministry with children and young people that focuses on faith formation and nurture for today’s changed and changing society.

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Mike Harrowing –
Mary Hawes –
Yvonne Morris –
Sam Richards –
Murray Wilkinson –


hosted by diocant

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The Conversation is returning- a gathering that will continue to curate space for cutting-edge, innovative, even risky conversations about children, young people and the church.

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Where necessary, we will be able to refund your booking fee, but only until 30th November 2019. After that date refunds will not be possibly but we will be able to transfer your booking to someone else at no additional cost.


hosted by diocant